Dry Roofing

Dry Roofing

Dry Verge

The number of storms battering the UK is on the increase and there is a growing realisation of the unreliability of using mortar to secure areas of the roof such as the verge. The Dry Verge Tile System has been designed to be a cost effective alternative that avoids all of the long term maintenance problems of mortar bedding.

Dry Ridge

The Roll-Out Dry Ridge is a mechanically fitted system which securely fixes the ridge tiles onto a roof, protecting them from wind up-lift and rain penetration.

There is no need for mortar, making the job of fixing the ridge quick, easy and clean, as well as making it possible during snow and other adverse weather conditions.

The system can be used with with most makes of concrete round and angled ridge tiles and most slate, flat concrete and profiled tiles. It can be fitted to the ridge of any dual pitched roof which has a pitch between 15 and 45 degrees in angle.


Our Chimney repairs (we feel) are the best in our local area. We are proud to service and repair chimneys for all sorts of people and their homes! More detail is provided below, but you can be rest assured that if something happens to your chimney, you can count on us to fix it up in no time!


The benefits of using dry roofing over traditional mortar bedding are numerous.

Many of which have been listed below:

Impervious to rodents and birds

Immune to the effects of 'Freeze-Thaw' weathering

Less likely to harbor moss and mould.

Lower rate of cleaning needed

Longer lifespan comparatively than Mortar Roofing

Less maintenance is required, unlike the mortar roofing system

Extremely water resistant


Wattons Home Improvements are experts in fitting Dry roofing systems and can guarantee your roof and home will be vastly improved with reduced maintenance costs as a result of getting us to fit a dry roofing system on your roof. 


Dry Roofing systems can adopt a wild range of styles and colours, many of which are directly available for purchase from Wattons Home Improvements.