About Gutters

Your house's gutter line is vitally important for protecting the fascia boards, and the ground below from rain wear and damp. It would be simply lazy not to take care of it, but not noticeably lazy for us to take care of it for you.
We offer a range of guttering related services, and at an affordable price! Take a look below for more details:


Your gutter is vunerable to the collection of leaves, mold and dirt blocking them, which may cause a restriction to the rainwater not being able to drain away. Normally the rainwater drains off the roof into the gutters and into the drains, if the water is not free flowing, problems may occur and you may find you have damp patches where the water is leaking through. To keep your gutters in tip top condition and allow the water flow we can clean the gutters to prevent problems before they occur.

We, at Wattons Home Improvements can clean the gutters, with or without pressure washing equipment.


When the time comes to fit a new gutter, or replace an old one, Wattons Home Improvements can provide you with a variety of colours and styles of roofing gutters.

Gutter Services

Repairs offered for most kinds of roofline guttering.

Cleaning services for old, or blocked gutters.

New upvc gutter and down pipes available.

Fixtures and fittings supplied.